Error message DLL file not found during installation of Adobe software

This error message indicates that a DLL file is missing from your computer. This situation is not caused by the code or by the software. It is your device that is giving the error. We see that this error message often occurs on new computers or computers that have just had a major Windows update.

What is DLL?
Abbreviation for ‘Dynamic Link Library’. A ‘library’ of small programs that can be used to run a larger program. Such a small DLL program, for example, ensures that the larger program can communicate with a printer or scanner. Using DLL programs, larger programs run faster. This is because the DLL programs are not loaded into RAM until they are needed. A DLL file can be recognized by the extension ‘dll’.

The solution is to install the Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3:

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If you cannot solve it yourself, it is wise to contact Adobe:
You can contact Adobe via your Adobe account:

After you have successfully logged in, choose the button Contact Adobe at the bottom right of the screenA chat window will now appear.

Adobe employs technical specialists who can immediately help you with this.