Errors when signing in, activating, or starting Adobe apps or services?

We are happy to help you.

We suspect that the connection to the Adobe activation servers has been blocked. This can be solved.

Please follow the following steps:
These steps are from this Adobe help page:

If either or both of these results differ, this is a confirmation that the connection to the Adobe Activation Server has been blocked on your machine.

This can be repaired. You can download a program below that fixes this problem.

Windows: Limited Access Repair tool for Windows
Mac OS: Limited Access Repair tool for Mac OS

Download the files and run as Administrator. (Right click on file and choose “Run as administrator”.)

If these steps don’t work, you can follow the steps on Adobe’s manual to fix it manually. You will find this information under the heading “Reset the hosts file manually “.

If you cannot solve it yourself, it is wise to contact Adobe:
You can contact Adobe via your Adobe account:

After you have successfully logged in, choose the button Contact Adobe at the bottom right of the screenA chat window will now appear.

Adobe employs technical specialists who can immediately help you with this.