Do I lose files when I delete Office?

No files are lost when you uninstall Office. You only delete the program, not your created files. It is wise to backup Microsoft Outlook. It is also possible that during the reinstallation you will be asked for the details of your email provider such as server addresses, login name, password of your mailbox. Backing up Microsoft Outlook is described on […]

Can I upgrade my current Windows?

Whether you can upgrade depends on the version of Windows you have purchased: Windows 10 Home / PRO OEM: Upgrading is not possible. You need to reinstall (clean installation USB or DVD). Windows 10 Home / PRO RETAIL: Upgrading is possible. You can start the installation and then choose “Activate Windows” by entering your license.

What is my Microsoft account?

Are you using Office 365 for the first time?Then create a new account at: It is important to renew Office 365 with the correct Microsoft account. You can renew with the account with which Office 365 was activated / installed in the past. You can find the correct account by doing the following: Start Microsoft Word and open a […]