My password doesn’t work!?

Do you have problems logging in? Request a new 2GO Software password via:
We take security very seriously at 2GO Software, so solving log-in problems is only possible via the above page.

2GO Software password
Note: the 2GO Software password is valid for logging in to 2GO Software. By logging in you have access to all your orders at 2GO Software. Does logging in still not work? You may not be looking for the 2GO Software password, but the password of the manufacturer of the software. Always use our activation manual for step by step instructions. We also explain in which manual which account and which password you should use.

Accounts of the manufacturer
Many manufacturers also work with a login account. Below are the links for requesting a new password from the manufacturer:

Bitdefender central:
Adobe: Solve Adobe login problems
After logging in, use the 2GO Software activation guide to install and activate your product.